The teaser is just awesome !
– Cyril Hanouna from TPMP (famous TV talkshow, translated from french)

This teaser is amazing, that’s crazy !
– Enora Malagré from TPMP (famous TV talkshow, translated from french)


Let’s admit that seeing Louis Mandylor in an action movie is a pleasure, as always.
– Cinemasculin.com (website, translated from french)

“Tension(s)” looks like it has some great action scenes.
– TheActionElite.com (website)

Forget keeping calm and watch the new trailer for “Tension(s)” !
– FilmCombatSyndicate.Blogspot.com (website)

A first feature film that seems to be a really cool B movie starring Louis Mandylor !
– Pepper Steak (magazine, translated from french)


“Survivant(s)” is a film both smart and entertaining, well directed by Vincent Lecrocq who obviously knows how to handle his camera.
– StrangeMovies.com (website/weblog, translated from french)

“Survivant(s)” suggests a bright future for its director. Let’s wish that this film makes him to be spotted and allows him to make a feature film as good as this one.
– DVDPasCher.net (website/weblog, translated from french)

We can imagine (and we would love to see) what would give the same pitch on the big screen, with real resources. Vincent Lecrocq seems to have all he needs to make it through French genre cinema, which is still seeking its brands and blue chip stocks.
– L’Écran Fantastique (magazine, translated from french)

(…) “Survivant(s)” makes us want to see what Vincent Lecrocq would be able to do with a more consistent budget, a proper team and a solid script.
– Mad Movies (magazine, translated from french)

A good example of what should be the horror movies in France nowadays. This film is a centerpiece and a keystone in its genre. Watch it, and watch it again ! A master stroke for Vincent Lecrocq.
– HorrorDetox.Blogspot.fr (website/weblog, translated from french)

The first thing that comes to mind at the end of this short film is “already?”. We could, indeed, regret that “Survivant(s)” is not a feature film, because the story is really well constructed. (…) “Survivant(s)” is a great surprise proving that French directors begin to master better genre films. A “must see” for horror and gore enthousiasts.
– LesLecturesDeCachou.com (website/weblog, translated from french)

“Survivant(s)” is a great short film that shows all the talent of its young director Vincent Lecrocq. We can appreciate so many good ideas and look forward to his next film, which we hope it, will be a feature film.
– CritiqueFilm.fr (website/weblog, translated from french)

So, “Survivant(s)” will basically make you want to follow the career of its author who did the job with a perfect mastery of his subject and an obvious ability to manage time and rythm in this vigorous and wild story.
– DVDPasCher.net (website/weblog, translated from french)

Vincent Lecrocq has a very interesting subject for a potential feature film adaptation. Because compared to “The Horde”, “Survivant(s)” is far more exciting and interesting. Highly recommended !
– Psychovision.net (website/weblog, translated from french)


A dynamic directing supported by highly successful special effects and music that sticks to the images (…). Beyond the visual performance, “They Were in Normandy” is above all a story of men. This is not a war film about war, it is the description of fundamentalist feelings like face of fear, despair values, courage, friendship, love, hope. This is the story of a group of men who drift into the horrors of war… The characters are portrayed and interpreted so accurately that they become immediately close to us. In other words, let’s say that “They Were in Normandy” is absolutely convincing !
– OQP Magazine (magazine, translated from french)

Superb at all levels ! It is surprising to see such qualities in a short film. We can easily imagine what would the director have been able to accomplish in command of a feature film and we hope to see him as soon as possible doing it. We can predict a bright future for him.
– DVDAlliance.net (website/weblog, translated from french)

A quiet forest. Some American paratroopers are stuck in Norman country trying to reach their rallying point. We slowly learn to know them when suddenly heavy fire falls on them. And then… Hell. The second act of the film is a savage fight between the Americans and a German unit. An outbreak of extreme violence as terrifying as exhilarating.
– Mad Movies (magazine, translated from french)