Tension(s) has been sold in several countries !!!

I’m more than happy to inform you that TENSION(S) has already been sold in several countries ! The guys from Continental Media, who take care of TENSION(S) worldwide distribution sales have officially closed 3 great deals for the movie in 3 different countries during the Cannes Film Festival.

They actually managed to close deals with LineTree Entertainment (big distribution company in South Korea), Film Medya (one of the biggest distribution companies in Turkey) and Kino Świat (one of the dominant distribution companies in Poland).

According to Continental Media, a handful more is on the way. They told me that the movie is gaining traction across the rest of Europe and parts of Asia, and they hope to close some other deals by the end of 2014.

They’re also planning to bring TENSION(S) to the Toronto International Film Festival in September and the American Film Market in November.

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